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Climbing Stronger – Week 6

Week 6

Hey there! So we just finished Week #6 here in Ben. This week has been full of the usual: climbing, playing in streams, hiking, climbing some more, eating yummy things, drinking lots of coffee, climbing, and a little bit of driving practice for me too. Oh and did I mention climbing? It’s mainly been filled with climbing.


And you guys, I can FINALLY say that all these days of climbing are starting to pay off. Both Paul and I are feeling stronger, in the joints, muscles, and the mind 😀 After climbing for 4 days straight for 2 weeks in a row, we’ve gotten over a big plateau and are feeling like we are slowly getting better. Not necessarily that things are getting easier though, the routes are definitely getting more difficult! Which just means we need to invest more and more time and energy. Plus we both crossed over the 6b (5.10d) hump! Wahoo! That was an exciting day. Making our way up into harder grades!


We started the week by leaving Sass Dlacia after lots of climbing and a beautiful hike I mentioned last time. The drive began with me behind the steering wheel, but before we had left the parking lot, Paul was doing the driving. It got a little bit stressful when I had to reverse because we forgot something in the parking lot, and then 2 cars pulled in behind me. And I knowwww how to drive an automatic!! I’ve been driving since I was 16! But manuals are a whole different ball game… especially driving a pretty freakin’ huge manual van.


Driving a manual is learning a whole new skill, and even though I have SO much driving experience before this, I feel like I’m starting from square 1. Which can be a frustrating feeling. I used to love driving my old Jeep (aw how I miss my old Sebastian) but getting behind the wheel of Ben kind of gives me a little bit of anxiety. Especially because Ben isn’t just our van, but he’s also our home. And getting on the road when I’m not totally ready could do a lot of damage. So I’ve been taking it slow, and we’ve been doing driving practice in huge empty parking lots. Even though deep down I know that the only way to really actually practice is to get into the traffic scene, because nothing can prepare you for stalling out with a whole line of traffic behind you until you actually do it. (Mom, maybe stalling out in the huge roundabouts in Paris has given me some psychological trauma haha ;))

Anyways, after leaving Sass Dlacia, we restocked on groceries in the town below, and then stayed the night at our next climbing crag called Sass di Stria. We climbed for the full day the next day and finished a ton of super fun routes. By the end of the day though, we agreed that we had seen what we’d wanted to see and were ready to move to the next place.




We drove down the road a bit more to the next stop called Sass di Beita. This was a really beautiful spot; we parked right next to a stream just a few meters from an old castle.


Here we climbed non-stop for the next 3 days. We were feeling strong and were able to get into a really nice rhythm. Usually, we can both be a little slow in between routes, deciding which route to climb next, moving all of our equipment over, etc. But here at Sass di Beita there were so many great routes all right next to each other so we could just climb and climb and climb 🙂



After 3 days here of climbing, yoga-ing, and a little bit of relaxing, we were ready for some rest days. We headed down to the town we’d been in before to restock on groceries, have some yummy Italian espresso, vacuum Ben (finally), and get some gas. We had also recently broken our water faucet, so we currently have no running water. While we were in town having coffee, we ordered a new one online to ship to Cortina within the next week for us to pick up! Then we drove up to Cinque Torri where we planned to climb next!


The next morning, our fingers weren’t quite rested enough so we took another rest day hiking up to scope out the climbing situation, had a great picnic, and relaxed in Ben. We’re ready for another full week of climbing ahead 🙂

Paul has also made another great video. It has some pretty cool climbing footage that you guys should definitely check out!



  1. Blister

    September 13, 2016 at 23:28

    Dawwwww looks like so much fun!!! Love the singsong at the end Vic haha

    1. Victoria Waugh

      September 14, 2016 at 07:20

      Hahah perfect little blooper to end on

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