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October 2016

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Back on the Road – Week 11

Hey guys! Paul and I are back on the road again, and boy does it feel good 🙂 I have to say I was a little bit nervous to be back in Ben after being reminded of all the luxuries we were missing out on in the studio by the beach in Bormes les Mimosas. It was so easy to get used to having a warm shower, using a fridge, and having so much space to  ...

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Time to Relax and Reflect – Week 10

Hello again! It’s been awhile… 2.5 weeks to be exact! Sorry for the pause in blog writing, I think I’ve been too busy relaxing!! 😀 So let’s fast-forward a little bit in time from where I last left you guys back in Cinque Torri in northern Italy.. wow that really does seems like FOREVER ago. After Cinque Torri, Paul and I climbed in 5 more  ...

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